My name is Jenna, and I'm the voice behind Quartz Blossom Photography.  I started doing photography 2 years ago as a hobby, and I've been obsessed with it ever since.  My partner in crime is Davis (the bearded beauty), my boyfriend of 4 years in October, and he helps me out at shoots by making people laugh and by getting super unique shots. He's currently in radiology school (he just got appointed class representative!!) and I couldn't be more proud of my best friend.   Currently I'm finishing up some classes so that I can apply to med school!  Together, we love to eat Thai and Indian food, camp, travel, and give as much love as possible to our adorable pet cat Meis.  Sessions with us usually end up like double dates and hang outs, so be prepared for a lot of fun!



               One day while trying to figure out a new photography business name, I looked up at the art wall above our couch, and there hung Davis' drawing of Arkansas with quartz in one corner and apple blossoms in the opposite corner.  Quartz is the Arkansas state gem and apple blossoms are the state flower.  I wanted a photography name that was unique to the Arkansas clients we cater to, but one that is elegant enough to attract clients from all over America.  I immediately scanned the image and sent it to our talented graphic designer friend named Daniel, and he converted the drawing to our incredible logo!