Kaylee | Creative Portraits


     Lets start off with an awkward story.  Kaylee an I knew each other through church and school when we were in 4th or 5th grade, but she moved to Conway shortly after.  Fast forward to college.  Kaylee and I would often pass each other on campus and I would want to wave hi but I wasn't sure if she remembered who I was, so I didn't want to seem weird.  (Apparently Kaylee was thinking the exact same thing!!)  Life pro tip: just say hi to people even if you're not sure they're going to remember who you are.  (There may or may not be an old photo of us at the end of this blog post)

     When Kaylee first messaged me about getting photos done, she said "I'm young, I'm cute, and I want to document this time in my life."  She said that she wanted to do something different, something unique and possibly with a theme. I immediately knew we were going to work great together.  We grabbed some lunch at a local bakery and headed out to go shopping at forever 21.  The second she tried on the flowy skirt, denim jacket, and criss cross bra, we knew we weren't going to find anything better.  We loved the contrast between the abandoned gas station and lacy skirt.  It was perfect.  

     This shoot was just SO much fun because I was constantly encouraging Kaylee, telling her she was rocking it and she was constantly giving me affirmations with my photography.  Kaylee is the type of person that loves to encourage people to be their best, and it is inspiring to be around.  Kaylee loves life and has a passion for taking every moment and making it awesome.  We could all learn to be a bit more like Kaylee.  Here's to just-because photoshoots and old friends that become new friends! 

And now what you've all been waiting for....