The Streets | Family Photography


     There's no family I would have rather shot for my first family session!  Not only are they one of the most attractive families out there, they are of the kindest! 

     To start off, family sessions do not go how you plan them to.  When we arrived, it was WAY colder and windier than it appeared outside, and Lucy, their 6 month old daughter, was not a fan of it, so we had to bring out a blanket for her.  Despite the wind, Lucy's "really not feeling these photos" faces, and Hank's burning desire to run around the field and see some trains, we got so many candid, genuine photos of their family.  I really love family photos because the emotions are raw, unposed and real.  

     On a more serious note, the Street's are some of the most positive people you will ever meet.  Even when they received a difficult diagnosis for their baby girl Lucy while pregnant with her, they remained joyful and full of light.  Since October, baby Lucy has had more scans, visits with doctors, surgeries, and time in the hospital than most of us will ever have in our entire lives.  Lucy has been surrounded by SO much love over the past 6 months, and she's truly a miracle.  Their journey for the last 9 months has NOT been an easy one, and they still have surgeries and hospital visits in their future.  But one thing is for sure, with a love as strong as what they have, they can overcome anything.  I can not wait to watch Lucy and her brother Hank grow up into incredible people like their parents!