Claudia | Senior Photography


     Photography friends are the best.  After following Claudia's work for over a year, I decided to message her a few months ago on Facebook.  I told her how awesome her work was, and I showed her some of mine.  We immediately became "texting pen pals" (as my boyfriend liked to call it), and when we finally got to meet in person, best friends.  We're complete dorks, but we accept each other, so it works out.  

     WE BOTH GRADUATE IN MAY, so we decided to take each other's senior photos.  You can view her incredible photos of me here (thanks for making me feel pretty!!!!!).  Like Claudia says in her blog post, although we did our photos of each other in the same locations, our styles made them completely different!  

This day was so much FUN and I hope you enjoy reliving it through these photos!


And finally, a special shoutout to our pack mule for the day, Nathan (Claudia's husband).  Claudia's glasses have never looked better