Tanzania with Marafiki Africa | Travel Photography


     Recently, I discovered the song "Someone New" by Hozier.  The chorus goes: 

"And so I fall in love just a little ol' little bit
Every day with someone new
I fall in love just a little ol' little bit
Every day with someone new..." 

     Everyday in Africa, I fell in love with someone new.

     The culture in Tanzania is based on loving others (just look at the photos, their smiles exude love).  They build each other up, support each other, and respect one another.  Perfect strangers hug and chat like old friends.  They treat everyone like family; including me, a white girl from America with a huge camera in her hands.  My time in Tanzania taught me to actively seek out new people to talk to and to be kind to.  The pastor at the local church we went to one Sunday preached that we all bleed red despite our skin color; we can all relate to each other in some way because we are human and feel the same emotions.  Our cultural rituals, clothes, and language might be different, but we are the same at the core.  In Tanzania, I fell in love with someone new multiple times a day, and it has brought me closer to myself and to humanity.  

     Thank you Flora for being my friend despite the language barrier, Philbert for loving every person you meet so fiercely, Baraca for cooking the best food in Tanzania, Samson for keeping me safe on the back of your motorcycle, Obedee for making me laugh, Wilson for watching over us at night, Phillipo for teaching me how to be the best painter, Anna for being my mwalimu (teacher) of swahili and bowl making, and to every volunteer and leader for being some of my best friends I've ever had.  

     I could write for pages and pages about the ways my time in Tanzania with Marafiki Africa changed my life, but instead I'll just show you with some photos. 

Jennifer Suen