Steve + Kaydren | Couples Photography


     Once upon a time, we went on a trip out west.  We visited the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Flagstaff, Moab, and Telluride (it was GORGEOUS).  Before our trip out there, I posted to a bunch of photography pages asking if anyone would like to model for us at the Grand Canyon.  Crickets.  Nobody answered, I was so bummed because I wanted to shoot a couple at the Grand Canyon.  Then, I hit Instagram.  I searched Grand Canyon and Flagstaff hashtags and looked for cute couples.  Then I messaged them telling them they'd get free photos.  Yep, I was that creepy.  I messaged about 5 different couples and they either didn't answer (rightfully so, what a creep) or had something else going on the day we planned to do the shoot.  Then Kaydren messaged me back.  She responded saying they hadn't had photos done since their wedding and that she was JUST thinking about getting some done.  They had been living in Arizona for the summer, and had never even been to the Grand Canyon.  I don't really believe in destiny, but... destiny.  It was totally meant to be.  

     Kaydren and Steve are one of the cutest couples I've ever been around.  They never stop laughing with each other, and they are really adventurous.  There was a gorgeous spot overlooking the middle of the Grand Canyon, and I kind of jokingly said we should hike out there.  They were immediately stoked about it, so we hiked the darn thing.  I was kind of terrified but I kept my cool (or I at least tried).  Then, when we finally got done shooting, they told us they were just going to string up some lights in the woods and hammock.  I could not think of a better first Grand Canyon experience.  I'm so glad we got to meet Kaydren and Steve, and we can't wait to hang out with them if we ever go to Utah!