Emily | Portrait Photography


     I've been trying to stay away from portraits lately because I always thought portraits were difficult since there's only one subject and no interacting.  However, Emily made me think otherwise.  There's something really beautiful about being one on one with someone and trying to come up with ways to show the world just a sliver of their amazing personality through photos.  It truly is an art.  

     Emily is a traveling artist from Denver.  She's doing a project called "50 States 50 Paints Tour" where she travels to each state for about a week and creates a painting that represents each state.  Her goal is to sell her pieces along the way, and the proceeds will go to a scholarship fund that will help other artists pursue their dreams as well.  You can read more about it on her website here

       Emily was exactly the person I needed to meet in my life right now.  She's so confident and fearless in her dreams and goals, and she exudes love to every person she comes into contact with.  Plus she is absolutely beautiful.  Emily is an inspiration that we CAN pursue our deepest desires and passions.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, so if you're not doing what you love, stop right now and make a change.  I'm forever thankful for this art and the way it brings me into contact with incredible people all around the country and world.