Steph + Alexa | California LGBTQ Couple Photography


     Over the last few months, I've searched out human connection, and I've learned that it is the #1 most important thing about living life.  Somehow we often forget this.  We let differences in religion, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, place of residence, and social class divide us when we should be letting our differences bring us together.  Despite our differences, we all feel the same emotions, and that's why human connection is so important.  Learning about others helps us understand ourselves better, and the world at large.  Steph and Alexa have all of these lessons ingrained in every fiber of their being.  They're unapologetically themselves and they're ridiculously in love.  They find purpose in every single thing they do, and they put their full heart into it.  They don't let any person they meet feel temporary.  Exuding love is second nature for them, and it's extremely inspiring.  

     These photos reflect exactly the direction I want my photography to go.  They're extremely documentary styled/unposed.  You can truly FEEL their love in these images, and that's what I want from every session I shoot.  LOVE is LOVE.