Hunter+Hunter | Arkansas LGBTQ Couples Session


      First, read along while I go on a personal monologue about what being in the LGBTQ+ community/having a business that is openly LGBTQ+ friendly means to me:


     Here's what I know to be true.  I know that all people desire and deserve love and happiness.  This is universal despite race, nationality, sexuality, gender, religion, the clothes on their back, the tattoos on their skin, or even their past life decisions.  Since coming out as bisexual (surprise! if you didn't know!), I've become immersed in the LGBTQ+ community, and let me tell you about the amount of love I've received.  The LGBTQ+ is about sexuality and who we love, yes, but it's also about so much more than that.  It's about accepting and loving everyone, even if we are different; ESPECIALLY if we are different.  It's about fighting for every social injustice our society encounters.  It's about fiercely loving those that oppose our love. 

     It's important to be a lot of things in this world: educated, constantly learning about the world, patient, dedicated to what you believe in, passionate about your culture (country, religion, fav music genre, ethnic group,etc), and committed to your family.  But above all of those things, it is important to love.  It is through love that we find success in each of the things listed above.  We become better citizens, family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers when we love.  Love is literally what life is all about.  Let's not spend time hating what makes us different, and let's embrace it.

(Still aren't getting the point? Count how many times I've typed the word love)


     Now, about this session:


          I reached out to Hunter and Hunter for photos so that I could have a gay couple to help promote the LGBTQ aspect of my business with.   (Side note: how cute is it that they have the same name? That is, unless you're the photographer directing them and you call them glasses Hunter and not glasses Hunter, lol.)  Working with Hunter and Hunter was really fun to watch.  Honestly, they kind of froze up and looked directly at the camera a bunch at first, but when I told them to focus on each other and tell each other inside jokes, the laughter commenced.  They're both very passionate about the environment, other people, and movies, and you can absolutely see that they are the best of friends.  While photographing them, they'd occasionally say "I love you" to each other, and I basically melted on the spot (also because of Arkansas heat).  Whether you have differing views regarding homosexuality or if you've been an ally for a really long time, I challenge you to try to not smile while viewing these images (I promise you you're going to fail).  You can FEEL the love between these two and they support each other and make each other immensely happy, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. 

Happy Pride month everyone!