Alyssa+Nick | Arkansas Engagement Photography


     While I love adventuring out to beautiful spots in Arkansas for engagement sessions, I also love in home sessions.  Alyssa and Nick are 24 going on 35.  Their home is pristine and beautiful, and they really have their lives together.  They embody what stage of life most of us millennials wish we were in.  They've worked hard and are still working hard to achieve all of their goals, and they're inspiring as heck.  Not to mention down to earth and exceedingly kind (they even gave me cookie mix to take home and bake)! 

     These two are also very adventurous.  Don't let the fact that this was an in home shoot fool you.  They're eloping next month in NEW ZEALAND.  I'm talking helicopter to a snowy mountain top with hiking boots; the whole nine yards.  It is truly going to be epic.

side note: They didn't hire me to be their photographer for that because a photographer was included in the elopement package they booked.  10/10 sad, but 100/10 excited for them anyway!