Courtney+Travis | Elopement Photography


     For my birthday last year, I camped out in the freezing cold with some amazing friends, and shot my first elopement.  This elopement proves you don't have to spend thousands on a wedding to have spectacular photos or a meaningful day.  The dress was from a vintage store for $90 and all of the details came from goodwill for around $50.  Eloping allows you to focus on the love between you.  Literally all day.  Travis and Courtney woke up, made breakfast together, got ready together, and hiked to some of the most beautiful places in all of Arkansas to get married.  

Arkansas really outdid itself for this elopement.  The trees were at the peak of fall color, and I couldn't have imagined anything more beautiful for Travis and Courtney.  

And I can't forget to give a shoutout to Tipton and Hurst for the most epic fall inspired bouquet I've ever seen!