Davis+Jen | In-Home Photography


      Hey everyone! If you're reading this, you'll realize that this is my first ever blog post on here! I am in no way a writer; I'm used to writing lab reports (aka boring scientific jargon), so bear with me here.  I'm super excited about this blogging journey as I post my favorite images from my sessions with friends, family, and clients.  I hope that it'll give you just a fraction of the joy that the images I capture give me.  

       The story behind these photos: I've always wanted to do an in home session with my boyfriend.  We've been together since October of 2013, so we've been together 3 years and 4 months (still waiting for him to pop that question ;)).  We have lived together for 2 years with our two cats Corndog, the trouble maker, and Sara (aka Meis) the creature.  We plan get get in home photos done by our super talented photographer friends Nathan and Claudia, of nathanandclaudia.com, but I wanted to practice with our tripod.  On a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, I tore Davis away from his beloved video games to shoot this session.  The entire time, he was laughing because he felt so awkward with the camera a foot away from us.  When I looked at the pictures when we were done, I was so thrilled at how they turned out.  Enjoy!