+ Q. How long have you been doing photography?

A. I've had my camera for about 2 years. I always wanted to learn, so I asked my parents for a camera for my birthday, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. It was more of a hobby for the first year, and then I started charging for my services. Davis, my second shooter, has been shooting for 3-4 months, but he's already SO talented; I'm a good teacher ;).

+ Q. Why is photography so expensive? Couldn't I just do this with my iPhone 7+?

A. Simply put, it costs a lot of money and time to do what we do! Here are just a few examples: Knowledge how to work a camera, shoot in various lighting settings, edit, and capture clients as they truly are. Camera body. Batteries. Lenses. Flash. Editing software. Online gallery subscription. Website subscription. And much more!

+ Q. Will you pose me/us?

A. Stiff poses make everyone feel awkward, so we strive to capture your true personalities! We'll ask you questions to get you laughing and interacting and have you do certain actions. A rule we like to follow for couples sessions is to never look at the camera unless we tell you to. Our couples always walk away having had a blast!

+Q. Do you have a second shooter and does it cost extra?

A. My boyfriend Davis is my trusty second shooter, and it doesn't cost extra! He second shoots all weddings and comes to most sessions to get you laughing (usually by making fun of me) and to get those cool angled shots. (He isn't invited to boudoir sessions though!)

+Q. How will you edit our photos?

A. You can check out our portfolio! We have a certain style, and we like to keep our edits natural with a vintage flare. If our style doesn't quite mesh with what you're wanting, we are more than happy to refer you to other photographers with different styles.

+Q. Will you edit every photo you take?

A. I tend to overshoot because I don't want to miss that perfect laughing photo. I shoot between 500-700 photos per session, and I take the top 15-50 depending on your session type and edit those. If you'd like more edited, it is $8 a photo.

+Q. Do you do a lot of Photoshop or just enough to cover flaws?

A. I like to keep our clients looking like real people and not dolls, so I only do minor fixes. I edit out any pimples that may have showed up on the day of your shoot because pimples aren't forever but the moments captured in our cameras are! If you want heavy editing, there will be additional costs involved.

+Q. Can we get the RAW, unedited images?

A. Nope! RAW images do not reflect our brand that we are trying to sell.

+Q. How will we receive our photos?

A. You will be able to download your images through an online gallery at maximum resolution. Then the photos are yours to print anywhere you like and post wherever you like!

+Q. Can I post the images on social media?

A. Absolutely! Please do! We only ask that you tag our photography account and not alter the image in any way (cropping/adding text/filters) because we have spent a lot of time editing each image

+Q. How long after our our session or wedding will we get our photos back?

A. Normal sessions have a turnaround of 2 weeks while weddings have a 2 month turn around.

+Q. Do you travel?

A. We are based in Little Rock, Arkansas, but we would LOVE to travel to photography you. Our long term photography goals include getting to travel for weddings and elopements! Get in contact, and we will discuss how to get us to where you are!

+Q. Do you have any additional fees?

A. We charge $50 for your first dog and $25 for each one after that (no more than 3 please!). We also charge $35/person for families over 6 people.

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