*for the privacy of our clients, boudoir images are not public.  To request our boudoir portfolio, contact us below*

To me, boudoir is all about empowering women.  The human body is beautiful, and boudoir is so impactful because it helps us women realize that we ARE beautiful at ANY stage of life we may be in.  

But you might be thinking... "Boudoir seems so scary! I am no model!"

         Boudoir can be very intimidating, and I'm here to help you feel comfortable!  We'll start off with some of your favorite wine/beer/or soda and music to make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.  I like to keep my boudoir sessions as natural as possible, so I'll tell you jokes and get you laughing.  I'll also do some of the poses along with you so you don't feel alone!  I promise you'll end up having a blast!

          If you're interested in boudoir for yourself or as a gift for your significant other, fill out the form below and I'll be in contact with you within 24 hours!

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"Jenna was a dream to work with.  She instructed me every step of the way, making our shoot effortless and fun.  She edited the images to enhance my natural beauty without changing my appearance.  This shoot was a total confidence boost.  Ten out of ten."

-Jordan Dominey 2017