Photographing couples is what I love most about photography.  I love seeing how each couple interacts differently, and how the photos reflect that.  For your couples session, we'll start or end the day by doing something fun and totally you.  Whether that's getting a beer at the pub you met at, eating ice-cream at the place you had your first date, or jumping into a lake because it's just plain fun.  The other part of the session will be nature based.  I'll ask you to wear something that's nice but something you feel comfortable moving around in.  I don't have a specific time limit for my shoots because I'd rather get to know you and hang out with you than worry about following a strict timeline.  We can't wait to talk to you!



"Jenna did an AMAZING job at photographing my boyfriend and I. She captured our personalities perfectly. My boyfriend isn't fond of having his picture taken but he had a blast and openly admitted to it. Jenna's photography is a work of art; she is an expert as manipulating lighting. I couldn't ask for anything better. 

- Sydney Bennett 2017